• In Microsoft Word, open your mail merge letter and attach to the correct data source for this merge.

    • Locate your Mail Merge toolbar. Use the Tools, Letters and Mailings, Show Mail Merge Toolbar to turn on your Mail Merge toolbar.

    • Place your cursor where you would like a field inserted. .

    • Click the Insert Merge Fields button (just before insert word field) from the Mail Merge toolbar.

    • Scroll through the list of fields available, and select the one to be inserted.
      If the field you want to insert is not included in this list, you need to attach to a different data source, or create a new export file from GiftMaker Pro/ EventMaker Pro with different export parameters.

    • If you selected a dollar amount field, you will want to add formatting instructions, for the automatic insertion of commas and decimals. Insert the field Amount and then modify it as shown: {MERGEFIELD Amount \#,#.00}

    • Move your cursor to the next position in your letter where a merge field is needed.

    • Repeat steps 4-6.

    • Save the document.

    Note: For additional help on inserting merge fields, refer to the Microsoft Word documentation.