1. In Records,
    1. Click Charges.
    2. Click Add a New Charges.
    1. Click the appropriate record type - Students, Individuals, or Organizations.
    2. Select the Activity tab.
    3. Click the down arrow next to New Charge and select New Charge.
  2. Select the Student Name in the Charge for field.

    Note: You can enter a new charge by Record ID or SSN/CFDA # instead, but you can enter data only in the left column. To move a column to the left, drag the column heading to the left until a red insertion mark appears in front of the left column. When you release your mouse button, the moved column appears on the left side of the grid.
  3. Enter a Transaction date, Post status and date, and Due date.
  4. Select the appropriate Category and Product/Description.
  5. Enter the remaining relevant information such as Amount, Comments, and Print status.
  6. If this charge is to be included in finance charge calculations, mark the Include this transaction in finance charge calculations checkbox.
  7. Select the GL Distribution tab complete the GL distribution for the charge.
  8. Select the Payments/Credits tab and apply payments or credits if appropriate.
  9. Select the Attributes/Notes and add any appropriate attributes or notes.
  10. Click Save and Close.