The following example displays a '0' value for null attendance records:
  1. Create a formula for each attendance category: Late and Absent.
    Late formula: if {Attendance Category} = "Late" then 1 else 0
    Absent formula: if {Attendance Category} = "Absent" then 1 else 0

  • Insert the formulas into the Details section.
  • Insert a maximum summary on the formulas.
  • Create two Report Footer sections; one for each category.
  • Place a text box in each Report Footer section with the following text "<category>: 0"
    For example: Late: 0 and Absent: 0

  • Conditionally suppress each Report Footer section if the maximum summary for each Attendance Category formula equals 0
    For example: Maximum({@Late}) > 0 and Maximum({@Absent}) > 0