The Integration Activity Report lists activities performed and logged on the Link Records screen and by the Synchronize Data utility. The following information is included on the Integration Activity Report:  

  • Process started or stopped  
  • Records added to a system  
  • Records linked or link broken  
  • Addresses added or deleted  
  • Relationships added or deleted  
  • Field data conflicts that are overwritten  
  • Exceptions encountered  
  1. In Integration, select Print Integration Activity Report  
  2. Open an existing set of parameters or click Add New  
  3. Enter the appropriate report parameters on these tabs:
    • General
      • Include activity as of - select Today, Yesterday, or Specific Date  
      • Time - enter a time  
      • Select a date range of pledges to include in the report  
      • Include only activity with [ ] as the target system - include activity from only one target database by selecting The Education Edge or The Raiser's Edge  
      • Report orientation - select Portrait or Landscape  (Landscape usually allows for more information regarding potential errors to be displayed)  
    • Filters: Filter by The Education Edge records, The Raiser's Edge records, constituent codes, record types, information types, and activity descriptions  
    • Columns: Select the columns to display on the report. For example, if you want to show the time that the changes are made, select Time from the Field Names drop down. Use the up and down arrows to change the order of columns on the report.   Be sure and select Additional Information to show as well, as this will give specific reasons why the sync didn't happen for a particular record.
    • Format: Highlight Sort/Break and select the fields to sort the report. For example, to sort the report by record name then by time, select record name first, followed by time.  
  4. Click Preview to preview the report.  

For more information about this report and Integration, refer to the Integration Guide (PDF).