An anonymous newsletter subscription part, allows users to subscribe to newsletter without registering for the website.
  1. Create a new Anonymous Newsletter Subscription part
  2. In the Newsletter field, select the newsletter to which users can anonymously subscribe. Only one newsletter can be chosen for each anonymous newsletter subscription part.
  3. In the Form title field, enter the text to appear at the top of the Anonymous Newsletter Subscription part on your website, such as “Get the Monthly Newsletter”.
  4. In the After subscribing navigate to field, select the web page, such as a Welcome or Thank You page, to appear after the site user clicks Subscribe.
    1. Click binoculars button to select a page. The Select a Page screen appears.
    2. Select the web page to appear after the website user clicks Subscribe.  Click Select button.
    3. Click OK. You return to the Edit Part screen.
  5. To save this part, click Save.
There is not a way to track the users who subscribe to a newsletter through an anonymous newsletter.