1. Create the email message or newsletter to be sent.
  2. Enter the date and time when the message should be sent in the Send After Date field.
Note: This date and time is based off of the server time that the NetCommunity Web Server is in. For example: If your Blackbaud NetCommunity site is hosted in the Boston Data Center, the send after date would need to be in EST. 
  1. Click Send Final on the tool bar.
  2. The message will prepare itself and be placed in the queue. The message will not go out until the Send After Date and time.

Note: If you do not click the Send Final button, the message will not be queued and will not be sent on the date or time specified in the Send After Date field.  To confirm the system has processed this, the pencil next to your email will change to a graph indicating no more changes can be made. If you see a pencil icon next to your message in Email > Messages, then the message will not send until you click the Send Final button.

Send After Date for Test Messages: 
After version 6.53:
Test messages will send immediately regardless of Send After Date.

Prior to version 6.53:
Test messages will also use this Send After Date, so the test messages should all be sent before setting a Send After date.