Exceptions to the AddressFinder export are caused by limitation of characters on the Change of Address forms that are filled out when someone moves. Though The Raiser's Edge may allow additional characters, because we have to match the Change of Address card, we have to limit the characters exported.

The AddressFinder exceptions are the following: 

  • City length of more than 28 characters
  • Addresses with more than 2 lines (not including the City, State, and Zip)
  • Address line 2 is longer than 30 characters
  • Address Block of 50 or more characters
  • Foreign Addresses (Only if the address block has a format of something other than United States.  To edit the address block refer to "How to add or edit countries on the International page in Configuration"  (BB55941)

To avoid these exceptions when submitting the export file, exclude exception records from the export (BB326438).