If the main Crystal report does not contain any fields from the file exported from the Blackbaud software insert at least one field into the report header or footer. This field can be suppressed so that it does not actually display in the report preview.
  1. Open the report in Crystal Reports
  2. Right-click on Report Footer and select Insert Section Below (this will create a Report Footer b section)
  3. Go to View > Field Explorer
  4. Expand on Database Fields
  5. Pick a field (for example: CnBio_Name) and insert it into the Report Footer b section
  6. Right-click on Report Footer b and select Suppress (No Drill-Down)

If the main report contains fields from the export file, but filters in the report cause all records to be omitted then there are two options:
  • Remove and/or change the filters in the report to allow for at least one record to appear.
  • Change the export to include at least one record that meets the requirements set in the Crystal report.