You can list a course's enrollment by running the Class Report or creating a course export
  • Class Report
    1. On the Reports page, click Course/Class Reports
    2. From the list on the left, select Class Report
    3. Click New on the action bar
    4. Select the appropriate school, academic year, session, and terms on the General tab
    5. Select the appropriate filters on the Filters tab. For example, filter by course department or grade level.
    6. On the Format tab, in the Sort/Break section, sort and break the report by Course Name or Course ID
    7. In the Break Footer section at the bottom of the tab, mark the Print Count per Course Name (or Print Count per Course ID) checkbox
    8. Select File, Save from the menu bar
    9. Name and save the report
    10. Click Preview


  • Course Export
    1. Create a Course export
    2. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate filters, such as Course Departments or Course Grade Levels
    3. Select the Output tab
    4. Expand the Course category and select the appropriate fields to export, such as Course ID, Course name, and Course gender
    5. Expand the Students Summary category and select the Total enrollments field

      Note: This field can be exported field multiple times (for different terms etc)
    6. Select File, Save from the menu bar
    7. Name and save the export
    8. Select, File, Preview Export File from the menu bar