The core reference is used by BACS to easily identify the Direct Debit.  AUDDIS service users must use core referencing and the reference is included in the EFT transmission file.
When adding a recurring gift or pledge with the Pay Method Direct Debit, the ref no/date fields become visible and are to the right of the Pay Method, just above the Details button.
  • The core reference is entered in the Ref No field, must be at least 6 characters with a maximum of 18 characters available and should not begin with spaces.
  • It must not be all the same characters – eg all zeros
  • Alphabetic characters must be in upper case but the first 4 characters must not be DDIC as this is reserved for bank use only
  • It must be lodged with the paying banks exactly as it appears on a signed DDI
  • It must be unique for each Direct Debit. 
    While you may decide to use the Constituent ID as the reference, please be aware that if a constituent already has a direct debit then the Constituent ID alone is not sufficient and you may have to suffix each with a different sequence – eg  -1, -2 and so on.
  • The Ref No field in Raiser’s Edge is an alpha numeric field and other allowed characters are space, ampersand (&), hyphen, full stop and solidus (/).

After it has been setup, if the core reference changes, BACS require that the current direct debit be cancelled and a new one setup:

  1. Cancel the direct debit gift
  2. Add the new direct debit pledge or recurring gift as normal, entering the new core reference in the Reference number field.
  3. For paperless direct debits, a new instruction is required and an advance notice letter should be produced to confirm the change to the donor. Enter the appropriate information on the Instruction screen. Since this is a new gift, the No. of advance notice days applies.