To define the progression between different schools at your organization, you create promotion schedules (BB133586) in Configuration.

For example, students graduate from Blackbaud Prep Lower School in 5th grade and enter Blackbaud Prep Middle School in the 6th grade. You document the progression from one school to the next by updating the original enrollment record.

Promotion Schedule

To view the complete history of an applicant/student's statuses at your organization, you can use the Status Log.(BB277952)

  • An Overview of Applications and Enrollments

    1. On the Bio 1 tab of each applicant record, you document information about a person's application to your school, such as grade apply, year apply, current status, and status date. This information automatically transfers to the Applications tab to create the active application.
    2. As the person progresses through the application process, you can update the relevant information, such as current status and status date, with the Update Applications wizard. (BB271880) Changes appear on both the Bio 1 and Applications tabs because the information is linked.

      Note: With the Update Applications wizard, you can also:

      • Update the Grade apply and Current grade fields
      • Add and delete tracks
      • Add and delete checklist items
      • Add an action

    3. When you are ready to enroll someone at your school, you can use the Enroll Applications wizard (BB171500) to update status information, create the student view of the applicant record, and generate a
      Student Progression Entry. (BB136344)


      • With the Enroll Applications wizard, you can also:
        • Update the Current grade field
        • Define the relationship types to receive reports cards
        • Delete tracks and checklist items
        • Add an action
      • Each student needs a Student Progression Entry for each academic year and grade level to be included in key processes, such as course requests, scheduling, grades, and attendance.
    4. Once you enroll someone, his record has both an applicant and student view. In the student view, the Enrollments tab replaces the Applications tab. The active enrollment is linked to the active application. Therefore, changes to one (such as current status) automatically transfer to the other.
    5. If your organization requires student to re-apply each academic year, do not create a new application for each year. You can use the Mark for Reenrollment wizard (BB184652) to update status information on the existing enrollment record and generate Student Progression Entries for the upcoming academic year.


      • With the Mark for Reenrollment wizard, you can also:
        • Delete tracks and checklist items
        • Add tracks and checklist items
        • Add an action

      • If your reenrollment process coincides with the time you are scheduling students for the next academic year, set a business rule (BB189596) to confirm all appropriate student statuses are included in scheduling processes.

        To update status information without creating Student Progression Entries, use the Update Applications wizard (BB271880)

      • Create a new application record for a person only if the person was previously denied acceptance or left your organization and is applying for re-admittance.