Before you begin scheduling, set Scheduling options to increase your efficiency. Also review How to set business rules to increase scheduling efficiency.  

To open the Scheduling Options screen, click Edit scheduling options on the Scheduling page, or select Tools, Options from the menu bar.  

  • Mark the Prompt to save when changing views checkbox to receive a message prompting you to save scheduling changes when switching views. If unmarked, the program automatically saves any changes when switching views.
  • Mark the Default grade level filter on the request view to the student's grade level checkbox to filter the list of possible courses in the request view by the student's grade level.
  • Mark the Prompt to delete requests when deleting enrollment checkbox to receive a message confirming that you want to delete requests when you delete an enrollment. If you do not mark the checkbox, you cannot delete requests when deleting enrollment.
  • In the Display cycle day using [ ] field, select Display Code or Day.
  • In the Display course using [ ] field, select Course ID or Course Name.
  • In the When viewing course requests grid, you can select to hide certain columns in the course request grids, including requested teacher, grade level, gender, and alternates.