Consider the following information about bill codes and billing Items to determine how to use them in your organization:

  •  Bill codes are assigned only to automatic billing items.
  • Bill codes are added to the billing item and the student's Bill Code tab.
  • The bill code links the billing item and student. When transactions are automatically generated, the program uses the bill code on both the fee and students' records to determine which students receive the fee schedule.
  • If the billing item has no bill code, you choose whether you want the billing item to generate for all applicable records, or for none.
  • If you assign a bill code to a billing fee, it generates only for students with the same bill code on their record.

As a general rule, bill codes and billing items are used in conjunction with one another. There are two instances when you would not need a bill code associated with a billing Items:

  1. When you are not using any automatic billing items.
  2. When you want all automatic fees added to all students.

If your organization uses bill codes, only the bill code needs to be added to the student record. The bill codes link the fee schedule to the student record. During the first generation, the fee schedules will be added to the student record.


For information on using bill codes to generate automatic billing fees, refer to How to Generate Transactions Automatically (BB203516).