Note: The option to define multiple default summary accounts is available only if the Use a single AR Summary Account and never post Applications checkbox is not marked in Business Rules under General.
  1. In Configuration, select Default Accounts
  2. Select AR Summary
  • To set a default account that automatically balances by fund and segment (if required):
    1. Select the Build the default AR Summary Account by combining the Fund of each Charge’s Revenue Account with these segment values option
    2. Enter an account number
  • To define a primary default account and one or more secondary accounts:
    1. Select the Unless a Fund has its own AR Summary Account defined in the table below, use this account as the default AR Summary Account, creating interfund entries as needed option
    2. Enter an account number
    3. In the grid, in the AR Summary column, enter secondary default account numbers.
When you exit the Default Account page or select another type of account, your changes are saved automatically.