The Activity tab displays a summary of grant activity for the associated projects and transactions (if a transaction code was defined for the grant).  Information on the Activity tab is for viewing only; you cannot add or edit activity.  If the grant has an assigned transaction code, you can view transactions for projects and transactions codes separately or combined. You can also filter information in the grid, export the information, and view grant activity in a graph.
  1. From an open grant record, select the Activity tab. A grid appears displaying all activity on the grant.
  2. In the Type field select Actual, Encumbrance, or Both
  3. In the Dates field, select a fiscal year
  4. For the Show field, mark one of these options:

    • Group activity by Transaction Code: this option displays all transactions with transaction code distributions in the transaction code, regardless of the project distribution.
    • Group activity by Project: this option displays all transactions with
      project distributions in the Project rows, regardless of the transaction
      code distribution.
  5. Additional options on the Activity tab:
    • Click Filter to specify filters for the activity in the grid
    • To open a project record, select a project in the grid and click Open Project
    • To export the activity, select Edit, Export Grid to Excel from the menu bar
    • To create a graph of the activity, click the Summary Graph button on the toolbar