You can make a deduction for a negative amount to effectively "refund" amounts over-deducted.

  1. In Records, Employees, open the employee record.
  2. Select the Compensation/Deductions tab.
  3. Add a new deduction using the deduction ID being refunded.
  4. Make the deduction effective from and to the period in which the refund should be calculated.
  5. In the Rate drop-down, select Amount.
  6. Select Amount per period and enter the negative amount using parenthesis or a negative sign.
    Note: Amount per period is the only rate settings that will work for a negative deduction.
  7. Save and close the deduction.
  8. Calculate Payroll
    Note: If the deduction being refunded is linked to a benefit, add a new deduction to use for the refund in configuration before step 1