Some possible reasons that a gift is not in the Pre-Post report are:

  • The GL Post Status for the gift is Do Not Post
  • The gifts are not on the constituent record (not entered at all, gift batch has not been committed, or the gift excepted out of the gift batch commit)
  • If posting to the Financial Edge (General Ledger), the Financial Edge is not installed on the same workstation that is posting the gifts (or if hosted by Blackbaud, the Blackbaud Hosting Services user does not have sufficient permissions to both The Raiser's Edge and The Financial Edge applications.)
  • The gift post date is in a closed accounting period
  • Post parameters (Gift Date, GL Post Date, Fund) are filtering out the gift.
  • No GL Distributions are defined on the fund.
  • The gift has an unposted adjustment / adjustment pending.
  • The gift type is Recurring gift

Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure The Financial Edge is installed on workstation posting The Raiser's Edge gifts.
  2. Verify the post parameter filters are correct:
    1. On the Post to General Ledger screen, select the Gifts tab
    2. Click Include and verify that the gifts are not being filtered out by a query
    3. Verify the date filters include the gifts in question
    4. Verify the fund filters at the bottom include the gift's fund
  3. Verify the fund has a GL Distribution defined for the gift type:  (Note:  If this is a split gift, make sure each Fund that is part of the split has the Distribution defined for that specific gift type.  You can verify this by opening the gift and clicking View> View GL Distribution.)
    1. Open the gift record
    2. Note the fund, gift type, and gift subtype
    3. Open the corresponding fund record
    4. Select the GL Distribution tab
    5. Add the debit and credit account numbers for the appropriate gift type and subtype.
  4. Verify the gift post status is Not Posted
  5. Open the fiscal year in General Ledger, Configuration and verify the accounting period being posted to is open. If not, either re-open the accounting period or change the gift post date to fall within an open accounting period. The gift date may or may not need to be changed, depending on your office's requirements.
  6. Verify the Gift is on the constituent Record
    1. In Records, Constituents, open the constituent record
    2. Select the Gifts tab
    3. Ensure the gift is on the constituent record
    4. If the gift is not on the constituent record, enter the gift on the constituent record, commit the batch where the gift is entered, or if the batch is already committed and the gifts are not on the record, recommit the batch.
  7. Verify there are no pending adjustments on the gift. If there are, then post the adjustment, delete the adjustment, or mark it Posted already.
  8. For Blackbaud Hosting Services users, ensure that the affected user has sufficient permissions to both The Raiser's Edge and The Financial Edge Hosted applications