Implemented in version 7.60.250
In version 7.6 and higher, the Fast! module can be used to add invoices to vendor records. To enter invoices via a Fast! datasheet:

Create a datasheet:
  1. Click Fast! on the navigation bar
  2. Create a new data sheet by clicking New AP Invoice, or open an existing data sheet by clicking Open on the task bar.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the datasheet.
  4. In the Default set field, you can enter the name of a default set of fields or click the binoculars to select one.
  5. In the Description field, enter a description for the datasheet.
  6. The Available fields tree view on the left lists all the fields available for the datasheet. Select a field and click Select to move fields to the Add these fields to the datasheet box.
    • Columns appear in the order in which fields are selected in the Add these fields to the datasheet box in the Design View. Prioritize and order datasheet fields to speed data entry. Put fields you do not use all the time near the end of the datasheet.
    • When you select certain fields, the program automatically adds other fields that are required for the selected field.
  7. When you finish selecting fields, you can:
    • Click Save and Close to save the datasheet and return to the Fast page.
    • Click Save and New to save and close the datasheet and open a new one.
    • Click Datasheet View to save the datasheet and then access the Datasheet View to enter the invoices.

Enter invoice information in the datasheet:
  1. Select the Datasheet tab:
    • If you entered a default set, default values appear in each row for assigned fields. If you did not assign a default set, you can apply one by selecting Fast!, Load defaults from and selecting a default set.
    • If you set the default row user option in Options, values entered in the first row will be used as defaults for all additional rows.
  2. In the first row below the default row, enter data and press Tab or Enter.
  3. On the last column in the row, press Tab or Enter to move to the first field in the next row.
  4. Repeat for all invoices to be entered.
  5. Click Save and Close to save the datasheet and close the datasheet.
  6. To add the invoices to vendor records click Commit Records .