1. In Records, Employees, open the employee's record and select the Attendance Tab.
  2. Select Attendance Plans from the View drop-down menu. 
  3. Click New Attendance Plan.
  4. Select the appropriate Plan ID from the Attendance Plans defined in Configuration from the drop-down menu.

    Note: The hours defined in the grid default from the plan but can be adjusted.
  5. In the Plan year field, select the year for the plan. For example, you can create a plan for a fiscal year, calendar year, or from the employee's starting date. 
  6. In the Start month and day field, select employee's start date.
  7. In the Plan effective date field, select the effective date for the plan.
  8. On the Attendance and Carryover tab, edit the grid to show the correct attendance and carryover information.
  9. Select the Accrual Methods tab.
  10. On the Accrual Methods tab, edit the grid columns to show the correct accrual methods.
  11. Click Save and Close to return to the Attendance tab.