Changes made to default accounts on Asset Classes are not retroactive, and will not automatically update the assets that already have a class defined.  The new default accounts will be added to all assets created after the change is made.  

To change the default accounts on existing assets:
  1. Change the default tab in User Options to the GL Distribution tab
  2. Create a new asset query
  3. On the Criteria tab, expand Assets and select Class
  4. Select Equals as the Operator and the asset class to change for the Value
  5. Select the Output tab
  6. Expand Asset and select Asset ID, Asset Description, and any other fields to include in the results
  7. Select the Results tab
  8. Double-click on the first asset in the results to open the record
  9. Manually change the GL Distribution for the asset
  10. Save the changes and use the arrow buttons to scroll to the next record in the query
  11. Repeat for each asset in the query