Annual giving likelihood (AGL) indicates a donor's likelihood to make a gift of any size over a 12 month period. Scores are between 1 (very unlikely) to 1,000 (very likely). The higher the score, the higher the likelihood that a gift will be given. It helps you to know whom to target. It also helps identify those to whom to reduce or eliminate marketing efforts. In combination with the target gift range (TGR), it helps indicate which donors are likely to upgrade their annual gift.


Use these scores to determine which type of solicitation to send to donors. For example, Joe gives $25 every year but has a high TGR & AGL indicating he could give $100 a year. You may want to send Joe a different solicitation and ask for a higher donation. Research shows that prospects often neglect to respond to a gift request that is out of their range, even when the range is lower than they can afford.