If you use both Payroll and Student Billing, you may have faculty and staff whose children are enrolled in your school. You can allow your faculty and staff to make advance deposits or payments by payroll deduction.

In Payroll
  1. Add the deduction in Configuration using the payroll cash account as the withholding liability account

    Note: If you enter the cash account for the transaction, ensure your business rule is set to allow a non-bank transaction to the cash account
  2. Calculate payroll
  3. Edit the calculation and add the deduction

In Student Billing
  1. If using an advance deposit to enter the payment from payroll, create a billing item for the advance deposit
  2. Enter the payment or advance deposit on the appropriate record

Note: If you use Payroll Cash as the withholding account, as suggested above, simply transfer the cash from your payroll bank to the Student Billing bank. The above entries journalize the deposit from the payroll cash account into the student billing cash account.