You can set up courses that are scheduled and graded in trimesters even if most courses in the school are scheduled and graded in semesters:

Note: All courses associated with a school, academic year, and session must use the same timetable 

  1. In Configuration, select Academic Years
  2. Open the appropriate school/academic year record
  3. On the General tab, select the appropriate session and click Open on the action bar
  4. Select the Terms tab
  5. Add the trimester terms to the grid

    Note: So classes are scheduled correctly, define the trimesters after the semesters so the two groups do not overlap. For example, your terms tab should look like this:

    • Semester 1
    • Semester 2
    • Trimester 1
    • Trimester 2
    • Trimester 3
  6. Click OK
  7. In Configuration, select Registrar Setup
  8. From the list on the left, select Marking Column Sets
  9. Open the marking column set defined for semesters
  10. Add trimesters to the marking column set making sure to associate each marking column with the correct term
  11. In Records, click Courses and open a course to be scheduled and graded in trimesters
  12. Select the Restrictions 2 tab
  13. Open the appropriate academic year record
  14. In the Length in Terms field, enter 3
  15. In the grid, mark only the Trimester 1 checkbox
  16. Select other settings as applicable. For example, mark the Track class attendance checkbox and enter restricted times.
  17. Click OK
  18. Select the Grading tab
  19. Mark the checkboxes for the marking columns to activate for the course such as TRI 1, TRI 2, TRI 3, and Final
  20. Click OK  

Note: You can start using trimesters for some courses after the academic year has begun if you only want to add trimester marking columns and not also re-schedule the courses in trimesters. You cannot schedule the courses in trimesters because you cannot add new terms to the academic year after attendance has been entered.