1. Export

    1. On the Export page, click New on the action bar
    2. On the Create a New Export screen, select Student and click Create Now
    3. Select the file format of CSV (Comma-Separated Values)
    4. Mark the Include Header checkbox
    5. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate students. For example, filter by a query of students, Statuses and Grade Levels.
    6. On the Output tab, select the following fields:
      • In the Student category: Import ID and Student Name
      • In the Relationships category: Import ID and Receives Report Cards

        Note: On the relationship criteria screen, enter one for the number of relationships, and select No for Receives Report Cards. On the Filters tab, select one type of relationship to export.
      • Select File, Save from the menu bar
      • Name and save the file
      • Click Export Now
      • Modify the exported file

        1. Open the exported file in Excel
        2. Change the No to a Yes in the Receives Report Cards Column to mark the Receives Report Card Checkbox.
          To unmark the checkbox, change the Yes to a No
        3. Remove the Student Name column
        4. Save and close the file

        5. Import the updated information

          1. On the Administration page, select Import records
          2. From the list on the left, expand the Student category
          3. Select Relationship
          4. Click New Import on the action bar
          5. On the General tab, in the "What do you want to do?" frame, mark Update existing records
          6. In the "What file do you want to import?" frame, browse to the file
          7. In the "What is the format of this import file?" frame, mark Delimited - Characters separate the fields
          8. On the Fields tab, map the appropriate fields
          9. Select File, Save from the menu bar
          10. Name and save the file
          11. Click Import Now