To group all parents with a certain number of children attending your school, you can define an Individual attribute in Configuration, define the attribute on all parents' records, and then create a query filtering on the attribute
  1. Define the Attribute
  1. In Configuration, select Attributes
  2. From the list on the left, select Individual
  3. Add a new attribute type, such as Number of children at school
  4. In the Data Type column, select Number

    Note: To identify parents with more than a certain number of children at the school, add the appropriate type, such as More than 2 children? and select the data type of Yes/No
  5. To automatically add the attribute to all Individual records, mark the Required checkbox

    Note: Do not mark the Required checkbox if you do not want to enter a description for the attribute on all Individual records. For example, you would need to enter a description of 0 for all Individuals who are not parents of children at your school
  6. To ensure the attribute is added to each record only one time, mark the Unique checkbox


  • Add the Attributes to the Individual records
    • In Records, select Individuals
    • Open a record and select the Attributes tab
    • In the Description column for the attribute created above, enter the appropriate number. For example, enter 2 if the person has two children attending your school
    • Repeat on each appropriate record


    • Create the Query
      • In Query, create a new Individual query
      • On the Criteria tab, expand Attributes
      • Double-click the attribute name description, such as Number of children at school description
      • On the Edit Field Criteria screen, select the appropriate operator, such as equals or greater than
      • In the Value field, enter the appropriate number, such as 3
      • Select the appropriate fields on the Output and Sort tabs
      • Select the Results tab to view the results