1. On the employee record, select the Compensation/Deductions Tab.
  2. Click Change Compensation. The Change Compensation wizard appears.
  3. Select Copy Existing Pay type, Deduction, or Benefit. 
  4. In the ID field, use the binoculars to select a Pay Type, Deduction, or Benefit to copy.
    Note: You must select a pay type, deduction, or benefit currently assigned to the employee.
  5. Mark the box to Expire this Pay type, Deduction, or Benefit.
  6. Enter the Effective end date. 
  7. Select to increase/decrease the amount or percentage as desired.
  8. Enter the appropriate amount and click OK to create the change.
    Note: The new pay type, deduction, or benefit will become effective on the next day following the specified expiration date of the original pay type, deduction, or benefit.