1. Ensure that the problem phone type is marked as Shared, Not Shared or Cannot be Shared on all records sharing an address from the record that you are attempting to link.
2. Review address sharing in each database to identify all records linked to the problem address.
3. Review phone numbers for the shared address to ensure that the sharing of the problem phone type matches between all records.


Delete the phone from the records that should not have the phone number.

For example, you are trying to link John between RE and EE and the error occurs for the Home phone. John's Home phone sharing information in EE must match John's Home phone sharing information in RE (if Home is Shared in EE, it must be Shared in RE - or both must be Not Shared). Further, if Mary shares John's address, you should also review Mary's phone numbers to ensure the sharing of her phone types matches John's (if John's Home is Shared and Mary's Home is Not Shared, then Mary's Home phone must be changed to be either Shared, both must be Not Shared, or her phone must be deleted).