Public Sub CustomizeFrontEnd_CustomFrontEndItem(ByVal lCustomItem As Long, sPluginProgID As String, vReserved As Variant)

   'lCustomItem          : index of custom item to define

   'sPluginProgID        : Programatic ID of a registerred plug-in which will serve as an available item in then front-end of the application

   'vReserved            : reserved


   'NOTE: see comments in CustomizeFrontEnd_UseCustomFrontEnd

   On Error GoTo ErrHandler


   If (lCustomItem > 0) Then

       Select Case lCustomItem

           Case 1

               'How to use a website

               sPluginProgID = "HTTP://WWW.BLACKBAUD.COM"

           Case 2

               'This will add the Plug-Ins option

               sPluginProgID = "RE7DOCS.CPLUGINDOCHANDLER"

           Case 3

               'This will add the Calender of all Events

               sPluginProgID = "RE7DOCS.CCALENDARDOCHANDLER"

           Case 4

               'This will add a document

               sPluginProgID = "C:\Test.doc"

           Case 5

               'This will add a plugin

               sPluginProgID = "NonConstitMerge.cNonConstitMerge"

       End Select

   End If


   On Error GoTo 0


   Exit Sub



   Dim sErr As String

   sErr = Err.Description

   On Error GoTo 0

   '< place your custom error handling code here >

   MsgBox "Error processing CustomizeFrontEnd_CustomFrontEndItem : " & sErr


   Exit Sub

End Sub

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