Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    • Ensure the correct parameters are selected on each tab of the report. Not all tabs are available with all mailing functions.


      1. General tab
        • If using a query, ensure that you selected the correct query, that it is of the correct query type, and that the correct records are selected. If the correct records are not selected, refer to How to troubleshoot query results (BB45425).
        • Ensure the gifts date of the pledge and the date the pledge became past due fall after the dates selected.
        • If appropriate, mark the Inactive constituents, Deceased constituents, and/or Constituents with no valid addresses checkboxes to include these records.
        • Filters tab: For each option on the Filters tab, check to see if any have 'Include Selected' in the Filter Option column. If so, this is limiting which records are processed in the report. The Selected Filters column shows the items selected. Ensure the selected items are correct. If not, either select the correct items or select 'Include All' in the Filter Option column.
        • Recreate the report.

        The Past Due Report only looks at pledges that are currently past due. If a pledge was past due at some point but is now current, the pledge does not appear on the report