Schools in some states create standardized XAP transcripts. For example, XAP transcripts are used by Georgia schools that require special transcripts to be submitted for Hope Scholarship applicants.  

XAP transcript

The first field of each row is always pre-defined. The pre-defined value of the row is displayed in parentheses.

Record ID (HR)
  1. Transcript Record Layout Version which is XSTFFSM

  2. Print date

Record ID (01) 

  1. CEEB code
  2. School Name
  3. School Address
  4. School City
  5. School State
  6. School Zip Code
  7. School Phone
  8. School Fax

Record ID (02) 

  1. Student ID

  2. SSN

  3. Student Last Name

  4. Student First Name

  5. Student Middle Name

  6. Student Address Lines

  7. Student City

  8. Student State

  9. Student Zip Code

  10. Student Phone Number

  11. Birth date

  12. Gender

  13. Ethnicity

  14. High School Graduation date

  15. Current Grade Level

  16. GPA 1

  17. GPA 2

  18. Class Rank

  19. Class Size

  20. Class Rank

  21. Date entered

  22. Date left

  23. Graduation date

  24. Parent Name

  25. Parent Address 1

  26. Parent City

  27. Parent State

  28. Parent Zip code

  29. Parent Phone number

  30. Current Advisor

  31. Student Status

  32. Diploma type (from an attribute)

  33. Graduation Program of Study (from an attribute)

  • The order of the GPA values does not matter.

  • If Rank information has not be included in the parameter file, -1 will display as the values for Class Rank, Class Size, and Class Rank 2.

  • For gender, only the first letter of the selected value will be included.

  • High School Graduation date represents Class Of.

  • Graduation date represents the Graduation date field value on the enrollment.

  • Note that the relationship information included will be from the Relationship marked Print on Transcript on the student’s relationship tab.

  • The phone number values and zip codes will be exported as is and will not have any information "stripped out".


Record ID (03)

  1. School name (only populated if the school is different than school in row 01)
  2. Session date
  3. Student grade level the course was taken
  4. Term name
  5. Start date of term
  6. End date of term

  • So there will be a row for each term of courses being exported.  Keep in mind that where the credits are received will determine in which term the course is included.


  • So the following is what would occur with a two term course depending on where the credits are earned:


  • Grade/Credit entered in Final which is associated with both Fall and Spring The course will be considered a spring course since they do not get the credits until the course is over.


  • Grade/Credit entered in Sem 1 associated with Fall and Sem 2 associated with Spring The course will be considered both a fall and spring course since they get half the credit in the fall and half in the spring.


  • Grade/Credit entered in Final which is associated with Spring The course will be considered a spring course since they do not get the credits until the spring.

Record ID (04)

  1. Total credits attempted of course
  2. Total credits awarded of course
  3. Grade received for marking column specified
  4. Honors Indicator (Y or N value)
  5. College Prep Indicator (Y or N value)
  6. Course Name
  7. Course ID
  8. Repeat Indicator
  9. Subject Area
  10. Credit Qualifier
  11. Other School
  12. Program of study (POS value from an attribute)
  13. Weighting Indicator (from an attribute)
  • This section is repeated for each course the student has taken for the included academic years and sessions.

  • The Credit Qualifier field will be determined using the Use in Calculation checkbox for each grade.   The values Yes or No will be exported.

  • The Repeat Indicator will be determined by whether a student has taken a course multiple times or not.  If when exporting the data there are multiple instances of a course for a student, all the instances after the first instance would have the repeat indicator set to R.  Otherwise it will be empty.

Record ID (05)

  1. Test Type
  2. Test Score
  3. Subtest type
  5. Test date

Record ID (06) \ Immunization \ Date

In any field in these sections does not contain a value, an empty string will be present as shown in row 03.