• Double-click the Data Enrichment Facility_0803.lbr file
    • If the Change Data File screen appears, browse to and select your GiftMakerPro (GMP) data file and click Open. The default location is C:\Campagne\Data Files.
    • In the Data Enrichment Facility screen, click PeopleFinder Export
    • In the Export Constituents for PeopleFinder screen:

      • In the GiftMaker Pro data file to be updated field, verify that the correct GMP database is selected. If you need to change the database, place the cursor in this field and click the Lookup button located at the bottom of the screen.
      • In the Name of file to send to field, leave this set to the default (or type in the appropriate file name). The file is exported as a comma-separated text file and placed in the same folder as your GiftMaker Pro data file selected in step 2 above.
      • In the Constituent Data Selection section, select the appropriate options pertaining to which constituents to include.

      • Click Process Export

        Note: This export may take some time depending on the size of your database and the speed of your network. All networks are unique, so allow several hours for this to complete. While processing, the workstation it is being run on may process slowly and the task manager may display 'Not Responding'.


      • When finished, a prompt appears, "The export is complete. XX records exported". XX stands for the number of records exported. Click OK.
      • Click Quit/End Facility

        Note: Keep a copy of the export file. If a problem exists with the returned data, you have a copy that can be used for verification.

      • Send your data file to Blackbaud via FTP
      • Send an email to addressfinder@blackbaud.com when the file is uploaded to our FTP site

      After sending the file, allow five to seven days for processing. An analyst will email you once the file is ready for pickup from FTP.

      Refer to How to import PeopleFinder updates in GiftMaker Pro for instructions on importing PeopleFinder updates into your GiftMaker Pro database.