1. In Records, open Grant or Project record, and select the Actions tab
2. On the action bar, click New Action. The New Action screen opens on the Action tab
3. In the Action type field, select an action type
4. In the Action date and Time fields, enter the date and time the action should occur
5. In the Status field, select the status of the action, for example, “Pending”. Action statuses are defined on the Tables tab of Configuration.
6. In the Assigned to field, select the person assigned to complete the action. The action appears on the record of the person selected in the field.
7. When the action is complete, you can mark Completed on. The program automatically enters the current date.
8. In the Description field, add notes to describe the action.
9. To save the action and return to the Actions tab, click Save and Close. The new action appears in the grid.