For information on how to pick up the updated PeopleFinder file from Blackbaud, please see BB316304.

    • Double-click the Data Enrichment Facility_0803.lbr file
    • If the Change Data File screen appears, browse to and select your GiftMakerPro (GMP) data file and click Open. The default location is C:\Campagne\Data Files.
    • In the Data Enrichment Facility screen, click PeopleFinder Import
    • In the Data file to be updated field, verify the GiftMaker Pro database you wish to import the records into. To change the file displayed, place the cursor in the field and click Lookup.
    • In the Text file to Import field, enter the entire path and filename of the import text file. To enter the path and name, place the cursor in the field and click Lookup. The Select import file screen appears. Select the import text file in the File name field and click Open. You return to the Import Constituent Updates screen.
    • Decide whether to automatically create saved User Defined Retrievals for results. If you choose this option, five Saved User Defined Retrievals will be created for notation information created on the day you process the import. This makes it easier for you to report constituents with changed information. Notation creation is explained below.
    • Before you run the process to import all your records, we highly recommend you test the import. Click Test 10 Records. The first ten import records are read, and the Test Import Data screen displays each record individually. No information is updated in your database.

      Note:If you find errors or misalignments, do NOT process the full import! It is best to stop the entire process. Use a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1, 2, 3 to open the text file to be imported, and check the data against the data file specifications (see Service Bureau Communication). The test process enables you to individually view the first ten records from the import file.
    • If you are comfortable with the test process results, click Process Import. Depending on the size of the database and the speed of the network, the import and update process may take some time. Allow several hours for the analysis to complete. While the import is processed, the workstation may operate slowly.

      Note:After the import is processed, a Change Report indicates any constituent record with updated information. The report header indicates the type of change that occurred, the old address, and the new address.