1. Ensure the unpaid calculation exists on the employee record
  2. Click Banks on the navigation bar and select the Payroll bank from drop-down list
  3. Click Create a manual payroll check
  4. Type the employee name or click the binoculars or to search for the employee.
  5. Double-click the employee to select him
  6. On the Record Manual Check screen, enter the manual check number and check date. Select a post status and enter a post date. If the check has already cleared the bank, mark the Cleared On checkbox and enter the cleared date.
  7. On the Calculations tab, select or deselect the calculations to include on this check.
    Note:You can view the details of a specific calculation by double-clicking it to open the calculation.
  8. When everything is correct, click Record Now to records the check on the employee record and in the Bank Register.

Note: This functionality only records a check, if you need to print a check, refer to solution BB54749.