Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    • On the General tab, ensure the correct record type is selected in the 'Create for' frame and the correct query type is selected. For example, if printing labels for constituents, select 'Constituents' in the 'Create for' frame and select an individual, organization, or constituent query (or All Records).
    • If the mailing is based on a gift query:
      1. Create a constituent query for the mailing. If creating labels for another function in Mail, such as Donor Acknowledgement Letters, mark the Create Constituent output query checkbox on the General tab to generate a query of the constituents in the mailing.
      2. Ensure the query has results.
      3. On the General tab of the Labels mailing, click Include, Selected Records to search for and select the query created in step a


      If the issue still occurs, refer to How to troubleshoot missing or incorrect records in a mailing (labels, envelopes, Quick Letters, etc.).