1. How to create a XAP transcript
    1. On the Mail page, click Forms, and select XAP Transcripts.
    2. Click New on the action bar.
    3. On the General tab, select the school, grade levels, academic years, and sessions to include on the XAP transcript.
    4. Mark the Create an output query of student checkbox to create a query of all included students.
    5. In the Output field, enter the location and name of the export file to be created, such as c:/xap/2007/juniors.txt.
      Note: The file's extension must be .txt.

      General Tab of XAP

    6. Select the Details tab.
    7. Mark the Include information from outside schools attended checkbox to include outside school information.
    8. In the grid, open each section (Courses, Academic Summary, Test Scores, and Medical) to define the information to include on the transcript.
    9. Courses -- On the General tab of the Courses Section screen, select the final term to include in the transcript (such as current term or Trimester 3), and mark the checkbox for each marking column to include.
    10. On the Columns tab, open the appropriate columns to select parameters. For example:
      • Open the Grade column to select LG or # in the Letter/Number field. Note: Grades entered as NG are omitted from the transcript.
      • Open the Honors Indicator column to select the course attribute that corresponds to the honors indicator.
      • Open the College Prep Indicator column to select the course attribute that corresponds to the college prep indicator.
      • Open the Program of Study column to select the course attribute that corresponds to program of study.
      • Open the Weighting Indicator column to select the course attribute that corresponds to the weighting indicator.

      Note: Not all columns are editable because they pull from information on the Course record or Grades. They include:

      • Credits Attempted
      • Credits Awarded
      • Course Name
      • Course ID
      • Subject Area
      • Credit Qualifier

      Courses Section

    11. Academic Summary -- On the Columns tab of the Academic Summary Section screen, for up to two GPAs and two Ranks, select the column type, marking column, calculation, and session to use on the transcript.
      Note: The XAP Description column displays how the column appears in XAP. The Descriptions column displays the selections you make on the Column screen.
    12. Test Scores -- On the General tab of the Test Scores Section screen, select the test types and subtest types to include on the transcript.
    13. Medical -- On the General tab of the Medical Section screen, select the immunizations to include on the transcript.
    14. Select the Filters tab to specify the students and courses to include on the transcripts. For example, you can filter by student grade level, student status, course grade level, and/or course type.
    15. Select the Addresses tab to specify which student and parent/guardian addresses to export for the transcript.
    16. Select the Format tab to make selections about school information (such as school name, address, and CEEB) and student information (such as the student and parent/guardian phone types to print and the student attributes that correspond to diploma type and program of study).

      Format tab, Student Header