1. In The Raiser's Edge, select AuctionMaestro Pro Integration.
  2. Click Download Transactions from AuctionMaestro Pro.
  3. Once the download is complete, select the link Click here to Import Transactions into The Raiser's Edge.
  4. Press F7 in the RE Constituent window to link to an existing constituent or F8 add a new constituent.
  5. Click Create Batch to create a batch of downloaded transactions.
  6. Commit the batch in the Batch module.

When transactions are imported into The Raiser's Edge, they must be linked to an individual constituent record.  It is not possible to link a transaction from an organization's people record in AuctionMaestro Pro to an organization's constituent record in The Raiser's Edge.  For gifts on organization's people records in AuctionMaestro Pro to be imported into The Raiser's Edge, we have two options:

Create an individual constituent record and link the transaction to that record.


Manually enter the gift record onto the organization record in The Raiser's Edge.

This integration is now supported by Maestro Software. Questions regarding resources, functionality, or troubleshooting or Maestro Software can be directed to Maestro Support.