1. Click Records on the navigation bar.
  2. Open the record where the payment resides and select the Activity tab.
  3. Open the payment and select the Student Billing Detail tab.
  4. Click Add/Edit Applications.
  5. On the Apply Payment [Number] for [Record] screen, click Select Additional Charges or Adv Deposits.
  6. On the search screen, enter the person's last name to whom you are applying the payment (and any other information, such as amount, charge ID, etc). Click Find Now.
  7. Double-click the charge to which you want to apply the payment.
  8. Mark the Apply checkbox.
  9. Save and close the payment, then save and close the payer record

Note: Due to auditing issues, we do not recommend manually applying a payment for one student to a charge on a different student record in a Student Centric environment.