From the AuctionMaestro Pro Integration page, click the Transfer Constituents to AuctionMaestro Pro link to launch the Transfer Constituents wizard.


    • On the General tab, specify the settings to use when selecting constituents to be transferred from The Raiser's Edge to AuctionMaestro Pro. Click Next.
    • On the Individual Address tab, specify the settings to be used when transferring addresses from The Raiser's Edge 7 to AuctionMaestro Pro. Note that two addresses per constituent may be transferred. Select the radio button for Settings for AuctionMaestro Pro Home Address or Settings for AuctionMaestro Pro Work Address to configure transfer settings for each address. Click Next.
    • On the Organization Address tab, specify the settings to use when transferring Organization addresses. Click Next.
    • On the Additional Info tab, make selections for the handling of additional information when transferring constituents from The Raiser's Edge to AuctionMaestro Pro. Selections can be made for the following additional information:
      • Phone Types
      • Addressee and Salutation
      • Constituent Codes
      • In the Phone Types screen, map the appropriate Raiser's Edge phone type to correspond with the phone types available in AuctionMaestro Pro.
      • Select Addressee and Salutation. Specify the Addressee and Salutation to use for constituents transferred to AuctionMaestro Pro.
      • Select Constituent Codes. Specify the maximum number of Constituent Codes to be transferred for each constituent, and, if appropriate, the specific constituent codes to be considered.
      • Click Next to review your selections. On the Summary tab, review your selections.
      • Click Transfer Now.

      This integration is now supported by Maestro Software. Questions regarding resources, functionality, or troubleshooting or Maestro Software can be directed to Maestro Support.