1. On the Query page, click New. In the Query type field, select Student. In the Query format field, select Dynamic. Click OK.
  2. In the Available fields box, expand the Attributes category and expand the subcategory for the appropriate attribute, such as Eldest child. Filter the query by the field [attribute] description, such as Eldest child description equals Yes.
  3. Select the appropriate fields on the Output and Sort tabs and review the Results tab.
  4. View the number of records included in the query at the bottom of the Results tab. Because the query includes one child from each family, the record count is the number of families in the database. 
Alternative solution:

Create a Family Directory and page break on each family. Each page would be a family in the system.

1. In Reports, select Directories and Lists (in Student Billing, select Student/Individual/Organization Reports)
2. Select Family Directory
3. Select Number of Columns in which to show families
4. On the Filters tab, select the current status of students
5. On the Relationship Filters tab, select relationships to include of Mother and Father
6. Select the appropriate student/applicant and relation address
7. On the Columns tab, select desired columns for the directory
8. On the Format tab, select the sort/ break option and break on relation name and mark the box to page break on each relation name
9. Preview

* Note: If the mother and father are divorced they would each be listed in the report.