This code should go in the module or macro

Public Sub ShowForm4()

   Dim oRec As CRecord
   Set oRec = New CRecord
   oRec.Init REApplication.SessionContext
   oRec.Load 280
   UserForm4.ConstitID = oRec.Fields(RECORDS_fld_ID)
   Set oRec = Nothing
End Sub

'The below code should go in the form
Private lID As Long

Public Property Get ConstitID() As Long
   ConstitID = lID
End Property

Public Property Let ConstitID(ByVal ID As Long)
   lID = ID
End Property

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
   Dim oCon As CRecord
   Set oCon = New CRecord
   oCon.Init REApplication.SessionContext
   oCon.Load lID

   'This adds the constituent's name to a label on the form
   Label1.Caption = oCon.Fields(RECORDS_fld_FULL_NAME)

End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Deactivate()

   Set oCon = Nothing

End Sub

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