• Open Store Operations Manager and select Journal, Close Billing Cycle from the menu bar.

    • Select the Reprint a customer statement option.

    • You can either accept the 'all customers' default, or click Browse to select the applicable customer account.

    • Select or clear the Print statements with a balance of $0.00 and no activity option. If you want to print statements for only those accounts that have an actual balance, leave this checkbox blank.

    • Under the Period heading, use the Opening Date and Closing Date drop-down list boxes to define the time period for which you want to generate the statement(s).

    • Click Generate.

    • When Store Operations displays a window confirming that you want to continue, click Yes.

    note: If Store Operations cannot print statements based on the selection criteria you specified, you will see the Reprint Statements window notifying you that "no statements were found matching this criteria."
    • After Store Operations has printed the statement(s), it will tell you how many statements, if any, were generated. Click OK.