To assign personal information security rights:
  1. Go to Admin in the left menu.
  2. Click on Security.
  3. Open the appropriate security group.
  4. In the Group Privileges frame in the lower left, mark the Personal Information checkbox
  5. Press the Options button. In the Security Options screen, mark the appropriate checkboxes:
    • Personal Information Data Entry: A user can add, delete, or change personal information but can only view the last four digits.
    • Personal Information Output: A user can output personal information but cannot add, remove, change, or view it on records or in Batch
    • Personal Information View: A user can view personal information on records and in Batch but cannot add, remove, change, or output the information
    • Credit Card Report: This option allows credit card types and the last four digits of the card number to be printed on the report. If the option is not marked, the Security group does not have access to this report or to view the saved payment information on Gift records or Constituent records.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Save and Close to update the security group.
  8. If needed, have users exit/sign out from The Raiser's Edge and log back in for the settings to take effect.

Additional Information:

In versions previous to 7.81.1334, the security was set to hide SSNs, no part of the number was available. Since that version, the last four digits are now available when security is set; the first five digits appear as Xs. This option will be in Admin>Security and Open the specific security group.  Go to Personal Information and check the box to the left for the selection.  Select the Options button in the center pane.  Uncheck the option for Personal Information View.  

As of versions 7.91 and above, due to PCI compliance, full credit card numbers are no longer shown in The Raiser's Edge. Instead, the first 12 digits are tokenized and are hidden by the * (asterisk). Likewise, the Credit Card Report no longer contains the full credit card number. Nowhere in The Raiser's Edge will a full credit card number be displayed. 

We recommend you assign users as few rights to personal information as possible to enable them to perform their job functions. For information about best practices when assigning rights to personal information, refer to: