The Selected Addresses option allows you to use your data enrichment subscription to update only the records you know are in need or updating. Remember, however, the number of addresses included affects the number of records processed.


In the 'Addresses to Check' frame:

    • Click Include and choose 'Selected Addresses' to specify which of the constituents' addresses to update. We recommend submitting the preferred address only, which is what is selected by default.
    • Click Include and select 'All Addresses' to submit all of the constituents' addresses.

      Note: Each address counts as one record, so if you select all addresses and each constituent has four addresses, the number of records in your job is four times the number of constituents. For example, if you have 20,000 constituents, your export file has 80,000 records. That can cause you to go over the number of records allowed in the screening. Review BB262154 for options if you need to go over the number of records you purchased per screening.

    When updating your addresses you have the option to Save Old Address in Constituent Address List. If you submitted multiple addresses for each constituent, this will increase the number of addresses saved on the Address tab of the record accordingly. For example, if you exported 4 addresses for a constituent record and you select to save the old address, the constituent will now have a minimum of 8 addresses.