1. If you've purchased multiple data enrichment services, run them in a specific order
  2. Verify your Data Health Center connectivity
  3. We recommend using the latest version of The Raiser's Edge. AddressFinder returns addresses with CASS Certification, which includes abbreviations. If your organization does not prefer the abbreviations, ensure you are using version 7.82 or higher of The Raiser's Edge before submitting your data. The option to not abbreviate addresses with AddressFinder was implemented in version 7.82.1514. AddressAccelerator also has the Business Rule that allows every word to be spelled out. 
  4. Remove exceptions from your AddressFinder export
  5. Consider whether you want to create a query of records to submit with AddressFinder
  6. Consider if you should submit selected addresses or all addresses
  7. Review what changes you can make to the database while AddressFinder is processing
Note: If you run AddressFinder on version 7.85 or higher of The Raiser's Edge, address attributes will stay with an address. When importing, if the submitted address is saved as a previous address then all attributes associated with that address will move with the address. If the option to save old addresses is not selected, then the old address is overwritten, and the previous Address Attributes are deleted from the record.