To prepare to import the new record IDs, create a query of all records to be modified:

1. Access the Query module.
2. Select New Query, Query type: Record, Query format: Dynamic
3. On the Criteria tab, under Record, double click on Record Type to select what type of records to include/exclude and determine any other criteria applicable
4. Select Output tab
5. Under Record, Select Record type, Record ID and Full/organization name.
6. Under the last option, Record Properties, select Import ID
7. Access the Sort tab.
8. Under Record Properties, select Date added.
NOTE: This option will sort your output in either Ascending or Descending order based on date.
9. Access the Results tab, and verify records then select File, Export.
10. Under Export File Type choose Comma Separated Value and choose name and export now.
11. Open file in Excel and within the Record ID column, highlight record ID column, right click and select Clear Contents, leaving all fields below the Record ID headed column blank.

Below are Excel tips to speed data entry:

12. Determine how you would like to number your record ids, and insert a number into the first row of this column, the next sequential number into the row below this. ***Ensure that these numbers are different than the record ids that already exist in your system, or errors will generate, as the system will recognize these as duplicate record IDs***

13. Highlight the first and second row into which you have entered the new record ids, and click on the arrow at the bottom right hand of these fields, and drag the bottom right hand corner down to highlight every entry below it.

14. Follow the steps in the following Knowledgebase solution How to import records.

NOTE: Make sure to choose the option to Update Existing Records on the General Tab of the import and Check Box to validate data only to verify no exceptions are created.