1. Log into The Raiser's Edge.
  2. Navigate to Config > Attributes.
  3. Highlight Constituent or Participant
  4. Verify that the Active and Allow Only 1 per Record checkbox is marked for the attribute(s) in question. (Note: The Attribute Data Types of Date, Text, Number, Currency, and Yes/No will come over if they are marked as one-per-record.)
  5. If any changes were made in step 4, click on something in the Raiser's Edge menu to save changes, such as Mail or Query.
  6. Log into the Blackbaud NetCommunity site as a user with Supervisor rights.
  7. Navigate to Administration > Code Tables.
  8. Click Refresh.
  9. Navigate to Administration > Sites & Settings.
  10. Scroll down to Attributes.
  11. Mark the desired Constituent attributes and/or Participant attributes to add to NetCommunity.
  12. Scroll to top of page and click Save.

Additional Notes:
  • The Table attribute type does not need the allow only one per record box to be checked. Fuzzy Date and Constituent type attributes are not available for use.
  • Event registration forms use Participant attributes not Event attributes.