Use the following process if the marking columns sets have the same number of marking columns or have the same marking columns with different spellings. For example, if 2005-2006 used marking columns SEM1 and SEM2 and 2006-2007 used marking columns Sem 1 and Sem 2.

Note: Do not use this resolution if the marking column sets are different. For example the 2005-2006 used Trimesters and 2006-2007 used Quarters.

Change the marking column display names on the current marking column set to match the display names of columns in the previously used marking column set:

    • In Configuration - Registrar Setup, select Marking Column Sets from the list on the left
    • Open the marking column set to be combined on the transcript
    • Change the display name of each marking column to match the display name of the marking columns in the other set
    • Save and close marking column set
    • In Mail - Forms, open the transcript
    • On the Details tab, open the Courses section
    • Remove the additional columns for the extra marking columns
    • Preview the transcript