1. Within the Records Module open Payments
2. Select Add a New Payment
3. Select the Deposit to add the Payment to
4. In the blank Record Name field, click on the binoculars to open search window
5. Next to Search using query: <Default>, click on the magnifying glass icon, Click to edit the query design.
6. Within the New Record Query window, expand Record
7. Highlight and open Record Type
8. Select the Record type to be included in the search field (operator equals Student to query only on student records when entering payment)
9. Select Save and return to search, saving the query as unique query name
10. Search for record, resulting in only student records included in search
11. When adding another payment as outlined above, select the binoculars next to Search using query: <Default> to search for the saved query
12. Double click on the saved query to select this query as the new default query when searching for records to add a payment to through Records - Payments