Individual relationships:
Individual relationships are defined as people with whom your constituents are associated in some way. They may be a spouse, a friend, a family member, or a business associate. To add an individual relationship, refer to BB48814.

Organization relationships:
Organization relationships are the businesses, clubs, churches, agencies, and other organizations that have some sort of association with your constituents. A constituent may be a member of a religious institution, museum, or social club; an employee of a hospital; or serve on the board for a local nonprofit organization. To add an organization relationship, refer to BB48814.

Bank/Financial relationships:
Bank relationships are associations your constituents have with banks or other financial institutions. Your constituents may have checking or savings accounts at a particular bank, or they may ask you to automatically withdraw funds on a monthly basis to cover a recurring gift. Tracking a constituent's bank information makes monetary transactions fast and easy for both you and the constituent. To add a bank/financial institution to a constituent record, refer to BB79815.

Education/School relationships:
An education relationship is an association between a constituent and a school, college, university, or any educational institution. The relationships serve to define the educational history of a constituent. You can track an unlimited number of educational establishments, from primary schools to universities. To add an education/school relationship, refer to BB48814.

Assigned Solicitor:
You can assign solicitors to constituents and to actions you create for constituents. When you assign a solicitor to a constituent, you can determine the length of the assignment and the amount the solicitor will ask a constituent to contribute. You can also decide if the solicit amount is associated with a campaign or fund goal. By assigning a solicitor to a constituent or an action, you determine the solicitor's responsibilities. Creating assignments also provides an easy way for you to see which solicitors receive credit for gifts contributed to your organization. To add an assigned solicitor, refer to BB54558.

Fund relationships:
Organizations may set up specific funds or giving funds as a means of tracking all the donation activity that is directed for a specific purpose. In some cases, individuals (or organizations) may be associated with that purpose. For example, the relationship can be a recipient of monies that were donated to that fund or be the party responsible for directing how those monies are invested or spent. To add a fund relationship, refer to BB51868.